Protocol for Public Participation

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  • The Board of Supervisors sets aside twenty (20) minutes near the beginning of each regular board meeting for citizen comment.

  • This regular agenda item is termed "Public Participation." During this period, the Board receives comment from any citizen of Prince Edward County on any matter not scheduled for a public hearing.

  • This is an opportunity for citizens to speak and the Board to listen carefully to citizen expressions of concern and opinion.

  • Citizens may ask questions of the Board or individual Board members; however, Public Participation is not designed to allow debate between Board members and citizens.

  • Citizens are expected to conduct research on topics prior to Board meetings and this forum provides citizens with an opportunity to inform elected officials of their findings and positions on matters of public interest and concern.

  • Citizens wishing to speak during Public Participation are asked to please sign the Public Participation register prior to the beginning of the meeting.

  • Citizens are respectfully requested to state their full name and address for the record.

  • The Chairman of the Board will establish the order of speakers and will maintain decorum.

  • Citizens shall speak for a maximum of five (5) minutes, unless more time is granted by the Chair.

  • In the event that more than four (4) speakers wish to be heard during citizen's time, the Chairman shall allocate the twenty (20) minutes among speakers in an equitable manner. An extension to the twenty (20) minute limit can be granted by the Chair.

  • Comments from citizens who are not residents of Prince Edward County will be entertained once all County residents are heard.

  • Signs, placards, posters or like material are not permitted in the Board Chamber, adjoining areas or County offices.

  • The Board asks that citizens remain seated during the meeting unless called upon to stand for recognition as a speaker, official duties, physical necessity, or to enter or leave the meeting.

  • The use of profane, vulgar, obscene or threatening speech is not permitted and can result in removal from the meeting.

  • Citizens are requested to turn off or deactivate the sound from all cell phones, pagers, or other electronic communication devices. Should you require special accommodations in order to participate in a Board meeting, please contact the Prince Edward County Administrator's Office at 434-392-8837.

(Adopted July 11, 2006)