Prince Edward County Seal

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Prince Edward County SealThe Prince Edward County seal was adopted on February 12, 2002. It was created in anticipation of the county's 250th year anniversary celebration to be held in 2004, and designed by local resident, Richard C. McClintock of Hampden-Sydney, Virginia.

Prince Edward County Seal, in color, showing wheat stalks, Longwood Rotunda, Watkins Bell Tower, Worsham Clerks Office, Prince Edward Augustus, and the cupola atop the courthouse.At the center of the seal is an abundant sheaf of wheat stalks, representing the importance of agriculture in the county's past. The stylized image of the wheat was borrowed from neighboring Amelia County's seal, and thus serves also as a reminder that Prince Edward County was formed from Amelia County in 1754.

The domed structure directly to the left of the stalks is the rotunda of Longwood University's Ruffner Hall.

Just below this is a depiction of the Watkins Bell Tower at Hampden-Sydney College.

Directly under the base of the wheat stalks is an image of the old clerk of court's office at the first courthouse village, now known as Worsham.

To the right of this is a likeness of Prince Edward Augustus.

Finally, just above the prince is a depiction of the cupola that rests atop the current county courthouse in downtown Farmville.