E-911 Addressing

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Emergencies: DIAL 9-1-1

The E-911 (Enhanced 911) Address and Information Department is responsible for providing citizens with correct addresses and road names, which includes assigning and installing address markers, road and street signs, as well as maintaining the database for the system.

What is an E-911 Address?

Addresses are established through a system of distance, in which numbers are based on fractions of a mile, indicating distances along the road. Equal intervals of 1/1000th mile (5.28) are used, allowing up to 200 numbers per mile (100 per each side of the road). An individual property number is determined by dividing the distances (in feet) from the property’s access point on the road to the starting point for the road by 5.28 (1/1000th mile).

How to get an E-911 Address?

Addresses are established through the Building and Planning Department. Because addresses are assigned by distance, they are established during the initial stages of construction (usually when the footing has been completed).

For more information or to request an address, please contact the Building Office, at 434-392-8838.